Q. What do I do if I am unable to log in?
A. Check your membership card to ensure you are using the correct number or tap here to send us a message and we will get back to you soon.
Q. What if I don’t know my membership details?
A. If you still have it, the original communication we sent you about the Frequent Values™ membership offer contains your personal membership details. If you can’t find it, please feel free to ring the Frequent Values™ call centre on 1800 008 553 and we’ll help with clarifying these details.
Q. How do I access the Frequent Values™ offer on my phone?
A.Once you’ve logged on using your membership details, you’ll be able to search places that are “Around You” or search a particular region in Australia or New Zealand. If you like a certain type of food, you might want to search for that too. The relevant restaurant listings will appear on your phone. Once you’ve chosen the restaurant you’d like to dine at, tap on the right hand side of your phone and you’ll see where you’ll be able to “Redeem” the offer. When you ask for the bill, show your phone to the staff member who will press “Redeem Now” on your phone. They will then deduct 20% off your bill, up to $25.
Q. How many times can I use my Frequent Values™ membership at a restaurant?
A. Got a favourite restaurant you love going to? Great. Once you’ve redeemed the offer, the phone will reset the offer after 24 hours so you can go back to the restaurant again, even the following day.
Q. Why can’t I use the Frequent Values™ membership for any activity or take away offers?
A. At the moment, Frequent Values™ membership discounts only apply to eat-in dining at restaurants. You’ll know if a business has a redeemable offer – just select the place and the “Redeem" option will appear under the offer for you to press.
Q. Why are there no results found when I do a search?
A. There might not be any restaurants for the suburb or type of food you’ve chosen. Try changing your criteria and searching again.
Q. How long is my membership valid?
A. Your Frequent Values Membership is only valid for 12 months from the date of activation.
Q. I know a great business I’d like to see added to the Frequent Values™ Program. How can I get it included?
A. Awesome! We’re always looking to grow and improve the Program for Members. Tap here to let us know about the businesses and we’ll see if we can include them.
Q. Who should I contact if I’ve had a problem using my Frequent Values™ membership at one of the participating establishments?
A. All businesses that are listed will accept your mobile companion. In the very rare event that this isn’t the case please tap here and let us know. We’ll sort it out as quickly as possible for you.
Q. Can you provide a customised dining program I can offer my employees or members?
A. Yes. At Entertainment™ Publications we can customise a program for your customers, members or employees. If that’s something you’re interested in, tap here to send us your details.
Q. I still have questions. Who do I talk to?
A.Call Frequent Values™ toll free on 1800 008 553 during office hours (AEST) or tap here